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Category Archives: Scala

Remembering Six Years of ZMPP Development

I am happy to announce that ZMPP can now be found and downloaded from the Android Market. Shipping a software project always fills a developer with relief and pride and for me there is no difference. I wanted to take the opportunity to reminisce about the process that led up to this point, as ZMPP […]

Arr!Jay – Amiga File System Browser

I was recently trying to transfer some software from Aminet to my Amigas. The way I planned to do it was to use a null modem cable to transfer an ADF file onto a disk. I had previously done that for system disks. In this case however, I had to prepare an ADF file by […]

2010 – The Year of Retooling

Happy 2011 ! The new year has begun and I wanted to use the opportunity to review 2010 from my perspective. A lot of changes have happened in the past year. One has been switching from one fantastic employer to a new fantastic employer. This change means that I will continue making software in scientific […]

DMPP Cymus – CIA Emulation Library

Now that I have a somewhat working M68000 emulation, I can finally focus on the rest of the Amiga system. Currently most of the system is stubbed out with a couple of dummy functions so I can see when something interesting happens. I have reached now reached a point, where I can’t fake out the CIA […]

Introducing the DMPP Amiga Debugger

I had this actually running for some time now: It is a graphical debugger which helps me understand how the 68000 instructions in the Kickstart ROM affect my Amiga emulator’s state. Here is a screen shot: It is currently mainly a view to the Mahatma68k CPU, the two CIA-8520’s and the custom chip registers. It […]

Birth of a New Amiga Emulator

Do not take the title serious. As long as there is no release, this is strictly Vaporware(TM). Or something like that…. However, with the release of Mahatma68k, the likeliness of such a release has become somewhat more probable. When I started the project, which has the current working title “I Heart Amiga”, it actually started as […]

Setting up maven for Scala and ProGuard

I have started to use Scala occasionally since last year, it is less scary than it initially looked to me and thanks to good tool support (specs comes to my mind), it is even a joy to program in Scala. What I initially found irritating though was the fact that the Scala library (despite running […]