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Category Archives: Software Development

Snow Leopard and Java Compatibility Issues

Contrary to my regular habits, I bought the latest update to Mac OS X, “Snow Leopard” on the first day of release. Our local Apple store opened early (I think around 8-ish) on the 28th and I picked up my copy as soon as I saw the doors opened. The truth is, since the days […]

Setting up maven for Scala and ProGuard

I have started to use Scala occasionally since last year, it is less scary than it initially looked to me and thanks to good tool support (specs comes to my mind), it is even a joy to program in Scala. What I initially found irritating though was the fact that the Scala library (despite running […]

A Template for Building Scheme Applications for iPhone/Mac OS X in Xcode

I have often played with the idea of writing Mac and iPhone applications in Scheme, but as a result of not knowing the right compiler to embed (and lack of experience in Scheme), I could not execute on it. While programming in Objective-C is definitely doable (and of course you can use Objective-C++), I like […]

Build and install cx_Oracle on MacOS X Leopard Intel

I recently decided to write a few tools to automate some boring database management tasks. Since I am not attached to any particular technology, I decided to do take the opportunity to get to know the Django web framework. Getting a simple server up and running is as easy as doing the same with the Rails […]