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ZMPP available on Amazon and Kindle Fire

I am overjoyed to announce that ZMPP is available on Amazon’s Appstore and for the Kindle Fire for a couple of days now. I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to Amazon’s Appstore team for the quick approval time, getting ZMPP approved makes me very proud. I believe that the tablet form factor […]

I Moved – What’s Next ?

Ok, time to reflect on the past, review what has been done and where to go in the future. Blog migrated to I have moved my blog to the and am hosting it by myself now. I made the decision in order to have a little more flexibility and to have everything under […]

Migrating ZMPP to git

I did it. Finally I moved from Subversion to git. Until today, ZMPP was the only larger project that was still in a Subversion repository. To be fair, in the two years I used it for my projects, I have never really experienced larger problems. It felt exactly like it was intended to be: A […]

Porting ZMPP to Android In One Day

Being sick at home has its advantages and drawbacks. On one hand you do not really get to see to many people (which is for their own good) and suddenly you feel pretty lonely. One the other hand you suddenly get time for stuff that you always wanted to do. One of those things for […]

A New ZMPP Design

The parts for a new release of ZMPP are slowly coming together. Pichuneke, a spanish ZMPP user, contributed a spanish translation for the user interface, which is now the second user initiated translation (the first being French, done by Eric Forgeot). This is a point that makes an Open Source project fun: the involvement of […]

Challenges In Updating ZMPP’s Screen Model

So now ZMPP has a dramatically simplified setup and execution model, those changes were actually much quicker to do than I thought and each took about a day. On the other hand I did not really make changes to the core, but simply wrapped it in a different way so it can be easier reused […]