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Category Archives: Box of Rats

Arr!Jay – Amiga File System Browser

I was recently trying to transfer some software from Aminet to my Amigas. The way I planned to do it was to use a null modem cable to transfer an ADF file onto a disk. I had previously done that for system disks. In this case however, I had to prepare an ADF file by […]

I Moved – What’s Next ?

Ok, time to reflect on the past, review what has been done and where to go in the future. Blog migrated to I have moved my blog to the and am hosting it by myself now. I made the decision in order to have a little more flexibility and to have everything under […]

Logic Shrinker the 2nd: iPhone Version

After having uploaded Logic Shrinker to Android Market a couple of days ago, I now decided to port it to the iPhone. The reason is that the set of people who are interested in using this kind of tool is non-empty and is not identical to the set that only contains myself. Let’s face it: […]

Logic Shrinker – Digital Logic Simplifier for Android

I just published my first application on Android Market. “Logic Shrinker” is a little utility that takes a digital logic function and simplifies it using the Quine-McCluskey algorithm. This application actually comes out of my Amiga emulator project – in particular it is part of the logic function generator for the Blitter component. I did […]

A Template for Building Scheme Applications for iPhone/Mac OS X in Xcode

I have often played with the idea of writing Mac and iPhone applications in Scheme, but as a result of not knowing the right compiler to embed (and lack of experience in Scheme), I could not execute on it. While programming in Objective-C is definitely doable (and of course you can use Objective-C++), I like […]

Bitmap Font Machine – Box of Rats’ First Product

As previously mentioned, I have lately been pushing hard to get Bitmap Font Machine released. This is the first product by Box of Rats, which owes its existence to my inability finding a suitable bitmap font generator to support me in my current game development. Bitmap fonts are fonts that are, as opposed to vector based fonts […]

My First Business: Box of Rats

I haven’t written any blog entries in a while. The main reason is that I have been busy forming my first business. Box of Rats is a game development studio, something I have been dreaming to do for a very long time – I was in primary school, when I drafted my first plans. Admittedly my […]