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Introducing the DMPP Amiga Debugger

I had this actually running for some time now: It is a graphical debugger which helps me understand how the 68000 instructions in the Kickstart ROM affect my Amiga emulator’s state. Here is a screen shot:

DMPP Debugger

It is currently mainly a view to the Mahatma68k CPU, the two CIA-8520’s and the custom chip registers. It can execute a defined number of steps and any changes to the chip registers or CPU state will show there. I am currently implementing a function which displays a tooltip for each custom chip register to show a little more information than just its numerical value. The CIA’s and the CPU have only a few registers, so it is still feasible to display the role of each flag in the main view. The sheer amount of custom chip registers however, made it even hard to get them all in one frame.
By the way, compliments to the developers of Scala Swing – these are very nice wrappers ! I started with conventional Java Swing components and then realized that Scala Swing makes programming user interfaces much easier. As a long time user,  Swing does really seem to be all that difficult to me, still I like it when the code looks as tidy as it does when using Scala Swing.

What else is new today ? I have made my second file release to Mahatma68k today. As its main addition, it now comes with the Javadocs the distribution archive and made sure only to have the methods and classes in there that matter to the user of the library.

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