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First File Release for Mahatma68k

I decided to build a package of the current code in the Mahatma68k repository and upload it with the little example program that comes with it. It can now be found on its project website. I am aware that not everyone likes or knows maven and so I provided an ant build file for the binary distribution. I like Maven a lot, and have therefore standardized all my builds on it, but it has a steeper learning curve.

I could have provided projects for Netbeans, Eclipse and IDEA, but I guess that this task is simple enough. For Mahatma68k, I wrote everything in Emacs and Vim by the way.

Oh yes, and finally, I have the most important reference manuals together that I will need for my emulation project:

Amiga Reference Manuals

Of these, the “Amiga Hardware Reference Manual” is the most important, of course. I got the Exec Manual and “Libraries and Devices” as well (DOS and Intuition are coming, too), because I might be able to clarify some details in case I get stuck.

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