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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Snow Leopard and Java Compatibility Issues

Contrary to my regular habits, I bought the latest update to Mac OS X, “Snow Leopard” on the first day of release. Our local Apple store opened early (I think around 8-ish) on the 28th and I picked up my copy as soon as I saw the doors opened. The truth is, since the days […]

Setting up maven for Scala and ProGuard

I have started to use Scala occasionally since last year, it is less scary than it initially looked to me and thanks to good tool support (specs comes to my mind), it is even a joy to program in Scala. What I initially found irritating though was the fact that the Scala library (despite running […]

Migrating ZMPP to git

I did it. Finally I moved from Subversion to git. Until today, ZMPP was the only larger project that was still in a Subversion repository. To be fair, in the two years I used it for my projects, I have never really experienced larger problems. It felt exactly like it was intended to be: A […]