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Back To The Z-Machine

In the last two years, I have only made smaller fixes and changes to ZMPP. The reasons were various: learning to be a father, tinkering with TinyUML and playing with Z-machine implementations in Ruby and Erlang. While working on the other pet projects, I noticed that ZMPP is still the most successful of them, simply because it is the one with an existing user base besides myself.

ZMPP is ready for a major overhaul. There are several pain points I want to tackle:

  • the public interface between the core and the user interface is too complicated and makes implementing different front ends a big pain.
  • all currently released ZMPP versions follow a game-loop style scheme, which means that the Z-machine runs in its own thread, until it stops, timed input is realized by threading as well. Besides making the execution and input logic too complicated, there are reportedly deadlocks which are almost definitely a result of this design decision. However so far, ZMPP is probably the Java Z-machine where timed input works best
  • top priority and the largest challenge is the rework of the screen model. On Java, ZMPP has the most complete screen model implementation, but it is still far from what I want it to be. I will elaborate on that later.

So, with that said, it means that I am waving good-bye to TinyUML, Smeagol and Schmalz in order to focus on ZMPP entirely. As a single, it is easy to find time to do a lot of different projects, but once you get married and have children, programming in the free time while still important, should not exactly be the top priority.

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