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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Build and install cx_Oracle on MacOS X Leopard Intel

I recently decided to write a few tools to automate some boring database management tasks. Since I am not attached to any particular technology, I decided to do take the opportunity to get to know the Django web framework. Getting a simple server up and running is as easy as doing the same with the Rails […]

Challenges In Updating ZMPP’s Screen Model

So now ZMPP has a dramatically simplified setup and execution model, those changes were actually much quicker to do than I thought and each took about a day. On the other hand I did not really make changes to the core, but simply wrapped it in a different way so it can be easier reused […]

Back To The Z-Machine

In the last two years, I have only made smaller fixes and changes to ZMPP. The reasons were various: learning to be a father, tinkering with TinyUML and playing with Z-machine implementations in Ruby and Erlang. While working on the other pet projects, I noticed that ZMPP is still the most successful of them, simply because […]